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Until now, for many, the Allegro high-speed train ride from St. Petersburg to Helsinki and back seems very expensive. The article tells why it is not so expensive when it is better to buy tickets and what to look for. Go…

Buying tickets for Allegro is different when buying in the direction of Helsinki and back. Tickets from St. Petersburg can be bought on the website Tutu or Russian Railways They go on sale 90 days before departure and this is the best time to buy. When choosing a ticket 90 days before departure for each of the 4 trains, the cost is only from 2,070 rubles . And at this price you can buy a ticket with any departure time.

Trip to Allegro from St. Petersburg for departure to Helsinki

Allegro is very convenient for those who depart from Helsinki Airport. Helsinki Flights very often they allow to save money and are convenient for Russians with Finnish multivisa. In order to get to the airport, you must exit at Tikkurila station and use the free train. The ticket is valid for 80 minutes - written in more detail here . Allegro arrives at the station Tikkurila on the 1st or 2nd path, here you should transfer to train I , departing from the 4th way to the airport every 10 minutes (until midnight)

Return tickets are sold on the Finnish website also 90 days before departure, but it is more convenient to buy them at Tutu. On the site Railways return tickets can not be bought. The cost will also be from 2,700 rubles. (when buying at the start of sales).

"Return tickets at the lowest price are also available online 90 days before the trip"

You can also start the return journey from Helsinki Airport to St. Petersburg with a free train (for Allegro passengers) from the Airport station to the Tikkurila station. The train from the airport to the station of Tikkurila - P , arrives on the 6th route.

Only three and a half hours and you are at the Finland Station. When departing to Helsinki airport, we advise you to take a reserve in time - in winter there are frequent cases of train delays. Local electric trains can go three times less often in heavy snow.

Train timetable Allegro

The St. Petersburg-Helsinki train schedule has four Allegro trains (one in the morning, two in the afternoon and one in the evening), as well as the Moscow-Helsinki train (“Leo Tolstoy”). The Allegro train makes one stop in Russia (Vyborg) and four stops in Finland.

Allegro train schedule from St. Petersburg to Helsinki

Allegro train schedule from Helsinki to St. Petersburg

Clarify the current cost and schedule of the train Allegro

The schedule may change for the next dates, so we recommend updating the latest data on the time of departure of the train:

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